The Silent Storm

  • Title: The Silent Storm
  • Director/Writer: Corinna Villari-McFarlane
  • Producer: Nicky Bentham / Barbara Broccoli
  • Distribution USA: Sony Pictures Worldwide
  • Distribution UK: Sony Pictures
  • Official Selection: 2014 London International Film Festival
  • Official Selection: 2014 Marrakech International Film Festival
  • Starring: Damian Lewis / Andrea Riseborough

Cinematographer Ed Rutherford, who worked wonders for Joanna Hogg on Archipelago and Exhibition, skilfully marks the tonal shift from shadowy storm clouds to hallucinogenic sunshine, leaving Riseborough and Anderson to frolic briefly in this fragile new Eden, awaiting the returning tempest. Writer-director Corinna McFarlane counterposes Bergmanesque interiors with gaping exteriors, while Alastair Caplin’s eerie, evocative score cranks up the searing, brooding mood.

Mark Kermode, The Guardian****

It’s a commanding effort, and the artistic function of the cinematography is dramatic and superb... there are some unexpected twists that give colour to the otherwise grey film. Beneath its harsh surface, The Silent Storm is a visually stunning and tender movie that draws viewers in with impressive performances.

Laura Kramer, The Upcoming***

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